Customers are central to our philosophy.

Our Philosophy Begins and Ends with the Customer

Our customers have always been central to our philosophy at Millet the Printer. Doing whatever it takes to meet the needs of our customers is what drives us day-to-day, year-after-year. Our strategy is to provide what the customer wants, when they need it, at a fair price.

Although it started with letterpress and forms printing, our philosophy has guided us to add capabilities over the years to adapt to the changing times. That meant eventually moving into offset printing, electronic prepress, and now digital printing and variable data. But no matter what the technology, our customers always come first.

Family Owned and Operated

Since its inception in 1933, Millet the Printer has been a family owned and operated company. The Millet family currently has third, fourth and fifth generation members actively participating in the business.

The family philosophy at Millet the Printer extends throughout the company as well. Not only do we consider employees like family, there are many employees who are able to enjoy working at Millet with their own direct family members.

Employees: Our most valuable Asset

At Millet the Printer, our employees most definitely are our most valuable asset. Throughout the company, these are the experts and artisans who, through their dedication and commitment, apply their knowledge and experience to help you produce exactly what you want.

There are many employees who have been employed here for 20 or more years, and several who have been here for more than 30 years.